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Tips for beginners in Photography

Photography is an art to capture moment and emotions we see through our naked eyes. But for the beginners in photography how to acquire that skill and how to approach for this seems like a person with bicycle without having knowledge how to use that. So, here I have list down some basic tips and suggestions to take your skills as far as possible.

So, for the beginners in photography here are some points to take in consider before jumping into the ground.

  • Principles of photography

Yes, in every field you should have knowledge of basics and starting with principles of photography is the first step towards it.

Photography has elements that might not be the first thing that we think about when we take a photograph, but we need to be aware of basics. Read Principles of photography and get one step close to Photography.

Photography Beyond Reality
  • Basics of camera

Having camera or Smartphone does not help you to get better picture. You should have some basic knowledge about it. Being a beginner in photography its especially important to understand about the camera you have. Being able to adjust it to get the look you want is the first step of capturing great visuals. The number of presets, automatic settings, and extra features vary from camera to camera, but these fundamentals hold the key to having supreme executive power over your recording device. Read about Basics of camera here and get two steps closer towards your goal.

A camera that puts a world of possibilities at your fingertips.
  • Principles of lighting

After getting above information, the third most important thing you should keep in your mind being a beginner is Understanding the knowledge of light.

Light plays an important role in your photography as it can make you stand out from an average photographer. When you go out on field or shoot inside this plays a vital role.For more information click here Principles of lighting to get the solid understanding of light.

Light Up
  • Color pattern

Color has its own definition in photography. Being a beginner sometimes we ignore the color theory therefor, the impact we want in our picture get missed. It depicts mood, emotions and depth of the photograph. So, play with color pattern and make your picture stand out from an average.

Live Life in Color

After completing your theoretical part you are ready to apply it on ground level. On ground level how to refine your work? Here’s a list you can start with.

Equipment for beginners

  1. A camera (It could be a DSLR or a mobile or any other camera depending on your budget.)

  • Low range (DSLR) - ₹30k-₹50k

  • Mid range (DSLR) - ₹80k-₹1,50,000

  • High range (DSLR) -₹1,50,000 & Above

2. Light & Reflector (You can buy LED photography lights at any camera store).

3. Color gel papers (You can get these easily from a stationary).

Courses you can apply for to refine your work

  1. You can apply for our online courses. To register fill our form by clicking here.

  2. You can also learn step by step from the internet using the links we provided.

Occupation and how to generate money through it

As a photographer you can earn by freelancing easing by covering portfolios, weddings, events, ad shoots. You can also work online on websites like fiverr & freelancer.

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