Offline Courses

Filmmaking manipulation Inside Motion Pi

Film Making

Duration : 12 Months

Learn the art of telling stories through Film Making. Learn how to write, script, direct, shoot and edit a film. From Pre Production, Production to Post Production this course covers it all.

parmish verma chandigarh vfx inside moti

Duration : 3 Months

Learn how to approach and edit a music video, short film, feature film or documentary by opting our video editing course & become a professional video editor.


Duration : 9 Months

Learn the advanced techniques of Visual Effects and become a master at creating amazing visuals and extraordinary effects. Learn from the best & the best.


Photo Editing

Duration : 2 Months

Learn how to create amazing photo manipulations and give that sparkling touch to your client's photos by opting for Photo Editing course

Camera in air Photo manipulation Inside


Duration : 2 Months

Become a master at capturing amazing Photographs. Learn how to control the camera & light to capture the most beautiful & breathtaking visuals.